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The Modern Muse Luxury Portrait Photography, Sydney


Have you ever looked at the cover of a luxury magazine and thought I could never look like that? well we’re here to tell you, you can! No matter what size, shape or insecurity you may have about yourself in front of a camera, The Modern Muse will empower you to be strong, bold and proud of who you are, through breath-taking, timeless and iconic cover-style artworks. Every woman deserves this experience at least once in their life because the beauty and worth of every woman deserves to be recognised and cherished, and most importantly by yourself.


The Modern Muse creates art in the form of images that tell a story beyond traditional portraiture – by a woman, for women, showcasing all facets of female power, from teens to 50+. The creative process is collaborative, a journey you take with Cindy, to capture your story, your inner or aspirational self. Experience the excitement and fun of an editorial fashion shoot where you’ll be pampered by top hairstylists, make-up artists and fashion stylists – a truly unique and glamourous experience, photographer Cindy Kavanagh will have you feeling amazing.

The Modern Muse by portrait photographer Cindy Kavanagh

A portrait by The Modern Muse is a truly unique experience that makes for an equally exceptional gift for yourself or a loved one. 

The Modern Muse by portrait photographer Cindy Kavanagh

Fashion & Fine Art Photographer

Cindy Kavanagh is a renowned fashion photographer, with over 30 years experience working internationally in both film and photography. Her specialty has always been fashion and people, and she has a particular forté for storytelling. After photographing professional models for many years, she established The Modern Muse to bring the transformative power of the photoshoot experience, and a great photo, to all women. To inspire your portrait story she employs her interest in female archetypes, believing there are character layers that exist in each and every woman.  


In addition to years working as a commercial photographer, Cindy holds a Master’s Degree of Art from the University of New South Wales Art & Design (2020), for which she received a commendation of Excellence. Her personal art practice explores themes of identity and belonging through photography and mixed media and her work has been exhibited in multiple galleries locally and abroad. The Modern Muse studio is located in Sydney’s art gallery precinct, where she lives with her two children and husband, Richard Kavanagh, one of Australia's leading hair stylists.

"I've had my own journey as a woman, a mother, an artist, a wife, a friend and a rebel heart. I want to honour your journey, the one that’s led you here, and help you celebrate your depth. Our archetypes are little environments that tell a story, they leave footprints for you to try on for size… and are a springboard for you to discover your own story” 


– Cindy 

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