50@50 Portraits

As I turn fifty this year, to celebrate, we're having an event photographing 50 women at 50 in honour of all the incredible women I know and see bridging 50, who are changing, and changing the world, by being (more of) themselves.

If your birthday falls between 45 - 55 this year and want to develop a modern archetypal portrait that reflects your vision of yourself on the threshold (or either side of it) of your 50s, then this portrait series is for you. Together we will explore 12 varied concepts that represent different facets of the modern woman.

Inspired by my own transition into my fifties, I wanted to see and honour my generational cohort, with portraits that feel modern and powerful. Reimagine fifty and create portraits that reflect this vision.

Alongside the Event, a documentary showcasing stories of women on the threshold, or recently turned 50, is in early R&D stage of development. If you are interested in taking part in the discussion, the filmmakers would love to speak to you. Participation is entirely optional, and just a zoom conversation at this stage.